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The Roads Back to Early Hazzard
A Moonrunner's Tale: From Grit to Gold

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Jon released his second book A Moonrunner's Tale, From Grit to Gold: How "The Dukes" Was Born
 in July 2010. The
book is available on or email us.  Cost is $15.00 plus $5.00 shipping. 

Jon and his General Lee was featured at Henry Holman's election campaign for town comissioner
of Taylor County July 12, 2008.  Henry Holman was the owner of H&H Body Shop were the first
General Lees were built while the series
Dukes of Hazzard was shot in Georgia.

Jon was featured on 89.3 FM WRFG Atlanta, GA radio about his book June2008.

Jon was featured on 92.1 FM WJGA Jackson, GA radio about his book June 2008.

Jon released his first book The Roads Back To Early Hazzard in October 2007. 
This book is written in depth about the first five episodes filmed in Georgia, with rare stories, pictures,
and a self-guided filming locations tour.  Book is available on or email us. 
Cost is $15.00 plus $5.00 shipping.


Jon was featured on FANatical Production Inc. Episode Dukes of Hazzard June 2006.  FANatical INTRO

Jon hosted "The Roads Back to Early Hazzard" filming locations tour in Covington and Conyers GA. March 2006.

Jon was featured on WDUN Gainesville GA. radio commentary network March 2006.

Jon has been featured on WAVY TV 10 "Road Rebel's" Here, There, And Everywhere July 13, 2005.

Jon has appeared in a CMT special Inside Fame Dukes of Hazzard that kicked off the
Dukes of Hazzard coming back to CMT February 25, 2005.

Jon's General Lee is featured in the Yearone catalog and website  http//

Jon and his General Lee was featured in Classic American Magazine December 2003.

Film Works

Jon was featured in a new movie now called "Big Fish in Middlesex"
Jon plays as a Redneck and gets into a fight. This film was released in December 2005 and is now in the Film Festival Circuit.

Jon has been featured in the film "Soulmate" that was filmed in 2000 in Norfolk Va.
Jon was featured as a business man from New York. 
The movie is expected to be released on Television and Video sometime by East Coast Films in Virginia Beach VA!