This section of pictures were taken during the filming of episode 4
"Repo Men" at Joey Sagalo hide out house where Sagalo and his crew made counterfeit money.  All of these pictures were taken on December 4, 1978.  It was sleeting and very cold the day this was shot.
Filming crew setup equipment in front yard early that morning.
Rolls-Royce being shot driving into the fenced in backyard.
Guy Del Russo make-up in the house on
Judy Baldwin who played Lois .
Filming inside of the barn where the Rolls was in hiding.
NFL Atlanta Falcons football star
Claude Humphrey who played
"Big John" in front yard with dog.
Filming Rolls busting out of barn in
Filming Larry Bishop who played
Joey Sagalo walking out of barn.
Later in the day the cast and crew transferred out to Alcovy Trestle were the filming of "Big Johns" character was pushed into the water.  This was to the right of the Alcovy Bridge.  After this was filmed the cast and crew went back to the house to remake-up, eat, and warm-up.