Filming on Location
Chad Fullerton and I have been working on putting together some behind the scenes filming location photos for a while now, and we decided to share some of them.  We have worked very hard on procuring these photos.  The photographer who owns the images has given us permission to post them online with the condition that we copyright protect them.  Please feel free to share this link with any and everyone, but respect our decision to abide by this agreement.  Enjoy.
The first section of pictures below are the filming of
the junkyard scene in episode 2 titled:  Daisy's Song.
Pictures on back read November 1978.
This is the General Lee from the
High Octane jump parked roadside of junkyard as a backup car for 2nd unit.
Roadside of HWY 20 beside
junkyard looking towards the store filmed in Mary Kaye's Baby
and the jump site from High Octane.
View from High Octane LEE.
Filming FBI agents car pulling into the junkyard
View from High Octane LEE.
Filming LEE 3 pulling into junkyard
Very hard to see, James Best sitting in a
chair resting while Catherine Bach plays
with a local girl off to the right.
A crane was used to stack the cars on top
of one another so when the General Lee
went under them and hit the sides of the cars, the top car would fall.  This crane is circled in the top left hand side corner.