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The Dukes
Coy & Vance Duke
Bo & Luke Duke
Opening for Bo & Luke
Opening for Coy & Vance
This was an animated series based on the television series The Dukes of Hazzard.  The Dukes are in a race with old Boss Hogg around the world, and they have to win the prize money so that Boss can't foreclose the mortgage on the Dukes farm.

This series ran from February 5, 1983 to November 5, 1983.  There were 20 episodes in the whole series.

Episodes are listed below the pictures.
Boss Hogg ordering Rosco
Flash laughing The General Lee racing
The Dukes in trouble
Bo, Daisy, and Luke in the General The General crusing
Boss eating Uncle Jesse and Smokey
Episodes are as follows:
Coy and Vance Bo and Luke
14. Boss O'Hogg and The Little People
15. Tales of the Vienna Hoods
16. The Kid from Madrid
17. A Dickens of a Christmas
18. The Canadian Caper
19. The Dukes in Hollywood
20. A Hogg in Foggy Bogg
1.  Put Up Your Dukes
2.  Jungle Jitters
3.  The Dukes of Venice
4.  Morocco Bound
5.  The Secret Satellite
6.  The Dukes of London
7.  The Greece Fleece
8.  The Dukes of India
9.  The Dukes in Urbekistan
10. A Hogg in Hong Kong
11. The Dukes of Scotland
12. The Dukes do Paris
13. The Dukes in Switzerland