Chris Mcqueen
General Lee (Built 2002)
Corbin, KY.
William Kissinger
#3 of 4 Bo's General Lee
Built by John Schneider 1998
Port Washington, WI
Jeff Cockrell
General Lee (Built 2004)
Rocky Mount, NC.
Larry Wolfel
Father to General Lee
Jerry Rushing original Moonrunner
Glenn Call
Sheriff Car (Built 2003)
Leyden, MA.
Edmund Call
Double Zero (Built 2004)
Leyden, MA.
Marc Webber
General Lee (Built 2001)
Knoxville, TN.
Brandon Wright
 In memory of LEE 1
Rural Retreat, VA.
Jason Matola
General Lee
in the works 2004
Hubbard, OH.
Tom Felice
General Lee (Built 2008)
Berlin, NJ.
Jeremy Ambler
Cooter's Ford Torino (Built 2004)
White Sulphur Springs, WV.
Shane Kleinhans
General Lee
in the works 2004
Waterloo, IO.
Rob Murphy
General Lee (Built 2003)
Ontario, CANADA
Tim Suderow
General Lee (Built 1989)
Akron, OH.
Sam Johnson
General Lee (Built 2004)
Bainbridge, OH.
Scott Dyer
General Lee in the works 2004
Hamilton, TX.
The Petty Car (Built in 1978).
Originally LEE 1
Jason Gault
General Lee (Built 2002)
Garden City MI.
Jason Moody
The Colonel 2004
Fombell, PA.
Clay King
General Lee (Built 1991)
Westminster, SC.
Christopher Cox
General Lee
in the works 2005