The General's First Men
The General's first men (left to right) Tony Kelley body man, Henry Holman body and paint, Doug Smith car wrangler, Danny Hobbs body man, and Don Schisler picture car coordinator and mechanic.  These were the first main men who were responsible for having all of the Hazzard County vehicles ready to roll for the 2 months of November and December 1978 that Warner Bros. Studios were filming The Dukes of Hazzard in Georgia.
H & H Body Shop of Norcross GA. is were this all took place and was nicknamed the
HollyRock Body Shop by John Marendi TransportationCoordinator.
Tony Kelley (middle) just finishing up from painting Boss Hogg's Cadillac white.
The Cadillac was originally painted gold.
Henry Holman painting one of the General Lees
LEE 1 after jump.
First jump performed by
Craig Baxley LEE 1
LEE 1 being parted out.
Second jump performed by
Craig Baxley LEE 2
Don Schisler preparing LEE 2.
LEE 2 ready for Elm St jump.
Very hard to see but, notice LEE 1 in the top left back corner being parted out with its hood up in both of these pictures.
Police Car 1.
Police Car 1 after being flipped.
Henry Holman in 1 of 2 1975 Plymouth Fury used.